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One of the larger design challenges out there, annual reports test your skills of not only aesthetics but also organization, focus, patience and stamina. To work and thrive under that kind of pressure is an acquired taste, not for all. A lot of creatives run and hide from this type of work, but for some reason, we enjoy it. 

We've worked on dozens of reports since our first one back in 1997, and each one presents its own set of unique challenges. 

The report business has its ups and downs, like all design fields, but we've been fortunate recently to catch a wave of Japanese companies that have decided to take their reports a bit more seriously. No use asking why. Better to just enjoy the ride.

Outside of the ones shown here, we've also recently worked with the following companies to produce their respective reports:

— Ajinomoto

— GMO Payment Gateway

— GS Yuasa

— Paramount Bed

— Showa Denko

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